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FlightInfo is a web-based briefing tool that provides you with everything you need to know about your trip. It runs on (almost) every device - no installation required.

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  • Various map schemes give you a profound overview of your route.
  • Automatic word highlighting directs your attention to the most relevant information for both NOTAMs and met reports.
  • The display of SIGMET, CAT & CB-areas combined with a broad weather radar coverage assists you in finding a safe route.

When planning a flight: Simply enter your departure and destination, add alternates and get the map data you need.
And even more convenient: When you insert your ATC flight plan, FlightInfo will do the rest for you - it’s that easy!

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This app is for info only! Usage completely at own risk and as-it-is! We take no liability for correctness or completeness of any data depicted. FlightInfo is free for non-commercial use. If you are a commercial operator or even a huge fan, please consider a donation to support us providing this service. For further questions and tailored solutions, just get in touch!

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 AVIATOS - Aviation Operating System

Effortless route preview for pilots and ops staff before invoking the flight planning system: FlightInfo.app is integrated with AVIATOS, the Aviation Operating System for business and general aviation.

 FollowMe - The app for crews and their families

Get now effortless route preview directly from your personal schedule: FlightInfo.app is now integrated in FollowMe, the app for crews and their families!

Your Integration

FlightInfo.app can be easily integrated with other systems. You are interested in connecting? Check out our FAQ article How can I link/integrate with FlightInfo.app? for all details!

NEW: Map your flights

Fancy seeing your flights on a map? Pilots, operators or frequent travelers - simply upload a CSV export or ICS calendar file from your logbook, roster or schedule to our Flightmap.

Pick your own style color and add a logo if you like. Use the map for internal review. Or take a screenshot for social media and don't forget tagging @flightinfo.app ;-)

Our terms and conditions apply - no liability, no warranty. We don't store your uploaded files and use only functionally required cookies.

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